Jacqueline Woodson 2014 National Book Award Winner

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with Zadie Smith

Only 54 Black Owned Indie Bookstores Left in America

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@aalbc Dec 01, 23:38

The Pimping of Wikipedia: Contributes to the Detriment of the World Wide Web https://t.co/JlRzyoPUTh ...years later it has not gotten better

@kgnbookfest Dec 01, 18:03

Small Axe winners! Trini women!! :-) https://t.co/lkbNalyVZe

@aalbc Dec 01, 16:49

@garveygirl Yes keep me posted on the 2017 book festival

@aalbc Dec 01, 16:00

Black-owned bookstores look to the next chapter | Fusion https://t.co/N4y7mIn82r

@aalbc Dec 01, 01:05

Amazon may be a greedy monopolist, but they are so brilliant, one can't help but admire their gangsta!:… https://t.co/499qPKvatf

@AuthorJoyElan Dec 01, 01:04

Discover the work of author Joy Elan on @aalbc https://t.co/XznuLbrSTk Elan

@aalbc Nov 30, 15:25

Our November 2016 eNewsletter is out! Discover the best books and your next great read today:… https://t.co/g3FZbjtk3n

@aalbc Nov 30, 11:42

"i saw the movie twice and was deeply moved...Being gay is a choice. Being homosexual is not." — markjtuggle https://t.co/i5kTyfZp5n

@MostlyMammoths Nov 29, 23:53

Reading "Unbought & Unbossed" by Shirley Chisholm. #politics #hope #hardwork #courage @aalbc https://t.co/kyWABiCauR https://t.co/LEcTRl3ztR

@aalbc Nov 29, 19:04

While all racists almost certainly voted for Trump, that does not make all Trump supporters racists. #discuss https://t.co/aU9bkBQXIN

@aalbc Nov 29, 18:36

An Afternoon With Tracy Chiles McGhee discuss https://t.co/32aB1BXTRx

@aalbc Nov 28, 23:23

@MostlyMammoths Agreed. I reclassified the book as "nonfiction." Thanks for your help: https://t.co/DNqOCBX8rF

@aalbc Nov 28, 20:07

@britrbennett THE MOTHERS is Folktales’ Black Women’s Literary Society selection for April 2017!… https://t.co/zOKSQ9dQul

@aalbc Nov 28, 19:36

@MostlyMammoths ... I don't have a YA category in my database, maybe in a future update.

@aalbc Nov 28, 19:35

@MostlyMammoths I put it in that category because it won a Correct Scott King Award, which goes to Children and YA books which I don't...

@aalbc Nov 28, 16:47

Gloria Naylor (Jan 25, 1950 to Sep 28, 2016) won the @nationalbook Award 1983 for The Women of Brewster Place:… https://t.co/K2IBRIAlW0

@aalbc Nov 27, 22:14

Hi which book is mislabled as children's--thanks! https://t.co/ISI1LH1zRR

@aalbc Nov 27, 17:36

Fidel & Malcolm X: https://t.co/wUBAwu3S63 "Castro was that bearded revolutionary who had told White America to go… https://t.co/6ESvBirqM1

@wwnoorww Nov 27, 16:18

#العصيان_المدني_السوداني_اليوم_الاول #sudan_civil_disobedience https://t.co/rteNYXWIqd

@GOGbookclub Nov 27, 16:17

Discover the work of author J.D. Mason on @aalbc https://t.co/RXaq8NElcl. Mason

@aalbc Nov 26, 18:14

Ishmael Reed: Novelist, #Poet, @macfound Fellow, and @nationalbook Nominee is one of America's great writers:… https://t.co/7DZnNTteZX

@aalbc Nov 26, 15:59

Rice & Rocks a Top 100 children's book by Sandra L. Richards, https://t.co/pTXZxC2VuX https://t.co/kIc1NE8hy6

@whitfrazier Nov 23, 22:19

@whitfrazier Link above is @aalbc link to Amazon page, which I recommend using, as they help support black writers https://t.co/hMbyerHhio

@aalbc Nov 23, 22:18

A Terrific Writer J.D. Mason: https://t.co/LcPRF8jK4C https://t.co/mpEY6Ovkad

@aalbc Nov 23, 16:01

Read an excerpt from one of our top selling books, FAITH IN THE VALLEY by Iyanla Vanzant: https://t.co/NRETMjOBo9 https://t.co/Wkk1SzxkT7

@curiopraxis Nov 21, 19:44

"Congratulations Congressman John Lewis! National Book Award winner! (video via @aalbc) https://t.co/vKjvvrKmQJ" - https://t.co/iM0setK3NB

@aalbc Nov 20, 21:16

@VictoriaECM Hundreds of GOG members, across the country, will be reading your bestselling book in March--Congrats!… https://t.co/L8RXi75aO7

@aalbc Nov 20, 16:52

Congratulations @VictoriaECM @Luvvie @ReeAmilcarScott for being selected for @GOGbookclub's 2017 Reading List!… https://t.co/OV9EzUpBTB

@aalbc Nov 20, 16:46

@TheFreedomSuite Dude, we were friends Jimmy B was my man!

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