Jacqueline Woodson 2014 National Book Award Winner

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with Zadie Smith

Only 54 Black Owned Indie Bookstores Left in America

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@aalbc Feb 24, 17:15

The Black book ecosystem rocks because of Brothers like Paul Coates read this inspiring article https://t.co/aVgcSfuaSg via @atlblackstar

@aalbc Feb 24, 15:28

Rosa Guy author & literary activist co-founded the @harlemwriters https://t.co/5xKYc3bYFe @JustUsBooks thanks for k… https://t.co/z6vmhA7Xc6

@aalbc Feb 23, 14:46

In 2006 Black Issue Book Review magazine published "The Power Behind Black Books" Where are they now?… https://t.co/kcnu8f9Xqj

@lauripaolicelli Feb 23, 05:05

Book Fairs, Book Festivals, and Conferences Coming in 2017 and 2018 on @aalbc https://t.co/Myb9S34sln

@neogriot Feb 22, 12:27

POETRY + AUDIO: Sharing is hereditary - https://t.co/PjPE2hxoOU https://t.co/wqRx2I0vCk

@aalbc Feb 21, 22:55

@WebProspector1 Continuing to dig up the gold and precious gems on the web --thanks again!

@WShakespeareNws Feb 21, 01:32

Read an excerpt from The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings by James Baldwin and Randall Kenan https://t.co/YFLO5KiQ3x via @aalbc

@aalbc Feb 20, 20:22

Why I Stopped Hating Shakespeare by James Bladwin (1964): https://t.co/UMVY81nv2i “I was a victim of that loveless… https://t.co/pysVKtItg0

@aalbc Feb 20, 19:00

Thanks Faye, as always, @BookTV is great TV! https://t.co/nXxAsDLTah

@brooklynhistory Feb 19, 02:34

Representatives of @Essence, @randomhouse, @AuthorsGuild, &@AkashicBooks will discuss fiction by Black writers 2/21… https://t.co/OizBYyObLg

@aalbc Feb 19, 01:19

@KarenEQmiller send your address troy@aalbc.com & give me a few days 2 find something suitabke I assume U are looking 4 new or prepub 📚s

@DDagitz Feb 19, 01:16

Top 100 Recommended African-American Children’s Books @aalbc https://t.co/ThsZejJXoD

@fayetalking Feb 19, 01:15

Save these dates: Sacramento Black Book Fair (SBBF) June 2-3, 2017 @GoodDaySac @GoodDayCourtney @saclibhttps://t.co/fdCnltNgNp

@aalbc Feb 18, 12:15

@KarenEQmiller I would love to publish yours. I just shot video if Erica reading at @MintonsHarlem https://t.co/NhzvH31PID

@aalbc Feb 18, 12:07

@AuthorReneeK @eventbrite Yes, it should be very interesting and informative.

@aalbc Feb 18, 01:56

@KarenEQmiller Where is the review?

@aalbc Feb 18, 01:56

@KarenEQmiller Damn, how did I completely miss this one?!

@aalbc Feb 17, 16:12

2017 CSK Award Winning Books honor African-American authors & illust who create outstanding children and YA books:… https://t.co/FhMeG3QLVx

@JustUsBooks Feb 17, 15:59

@aalbc created a great collage of important #kidlit book covers https://t.co/sctlBBQKgL

@aalbc Feb 17, 15:59

@tceero So glad you actually read the article, most folks just engage on the tweet without ever checking out the deeper content on the site

@aalbc Feb 16, 18:58

Check out "Fiction by Black Writers: Who Are the Readers? " https://t.co/Dh4HfIckmB @Eventbrite

@aalbc Feb 16, 17:02

A beautiful collage of book covers of great literature for children and young readers: https://t.co/Kzt4726ZcR Spr… https://t.co/b93SF07qi6

@aalbc Feb 16, 16:55

@Mel_Hopkins_ I heard of the 4 burners of on your stove, health, career, family, & friends, you have to turn off 2 to be successful at any.

@aalbc Feb 16, 16:52

@tceero :-) Is that "whoa" agree, disagree, or your reaction to the headline of my blog post?

@aalbc Feb 16, 14:30

Freedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley Bryan:https://t.co/ksuhyATcZ8 “Top… https://t.co/ev8G6281xB

@aalbc Feb 16, 01:17

Simon & Schuster Gives Racist Troll $250K Book Deal, But Boycotting Them Makes No Sense https://t.co/TTXZByYQMu

@aalbc Feb 15, 21:33

Video and Images from the 2017 Harlem Literary Brunch https://t.co/2lTcEkAtPt @MorganStanley @SandraLRichardshttps://t.co/oQ1bpsSKAJ

@AuthorJoyElan Feb 15, 19:59

Check out, Life Is A Canvas, by @AuthorJoyElan on @aalbc https://t.co/gTWt4ZQyxq

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