Jacqueline Woodson 2014 National Book Award Winner

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with Zadie Smith

Only 54 Black Owned Indie Bookstores Left in America

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@tradewindbooks Jan 24, 05:13

Check out, When Morning Comes, by Arushi Raina on @aalbc https://t.co/U3Tt5a8Ntx

@aalbc Jan 23, 21:03

The Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival #TBBHF17 hosted an Author Village on Saturday: https://t.co/5f8Ab00zQg https://t.co/RYU2W6NpqR

@aalbc Jan 23, 19:56

@TBBHF I just posted a video of many of the authors in attendance: https://t.co/5f8Ab00zQg https://t.co/HQUR7lHwc5

@aalbc Jan 23, 16:41

Jeff Carroll speaks with AALBC during the 2017 Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival (#TBBHF17). Learn more;… https://t.co/qm1Al8hxrW

@JustineHenzell Jan 22, 19:17

Please nominate Jamaica's next Poet Laureate @natlibja thank you #MervynMorris for your service #Poet @kwamedaweshttps://t.co/XaVQKQtnnz

@aalbc Jan 22, 17:27

Here is the link to these award winning books https://t.co/9husGTMeEO

@aalbc Jan 22, 17:24

In the "Age of Trump," a great book is needed more than ever! https://t.co/ANQlft3Z9M

@aalbc Jan 22, 15:24

"I am woman, hear me roar! ..Evangelicals prayers for Trump victory won out over prayers for a qualified leader.. https://t.co/EpiOnViWwF

@aalbc Jan 21, 21:10

Plus authors galore #TBBHF https://t.co/9knhCe1NoP

@aalbc Jan 21, 21:08

#TBBHF perfect weather, people, and entertainment https://t.co/dlarsSaAX5

@aalbc Jan 21, 15:04

Kwame Alexander, Award-Winning Children's Book Author, Poet, and Literary Activist: https://t.co/j3DMB8S6kg Young m… https://t.co/19PPqLPeg6

@aalbc Jan 21, 14:33

@ashabandele Needed to get that quote on my site: https://t.co/QrD0tivVba I'll add the rest of the content later--thanks

@aalbc Jan 21, 01:43

@jevonbolden Something else to think about today ;-)

@aalbc Jan 21, 00:48

75 Books of Interest to Readers of Black Literature Coming Out Soon: https://t.co/x7OnG8747f https://t.co/dJAGcEbBqp

@aalbc Jan 20, 01:35

No links 2 share today, https://t.co/3YqjU5ngze is upgrading 2 a more powerful server. No server migration is easys keep me in your prayers.

@aalbc Jan 19, 02:08

@bernieyoung_ Sure email me troy@aalbc.com to shedule

@aalbc Jan 18, 10:18

@minervatweet @NYTM @nycgov @nycforward Nice honor, but surprising given the cost of Internet access and profound disparities in access

@aalbc Jan 18, 00:40

Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years: Books https://t.co/I2r1mxUOcS

@aalbc Jan 17, 20:55

Dyson’s 1st book intended to be read by whites; TEARS WE CANNOT STOP: A SERMON TO WHITE AMERICA (AALBC Review)… https://t.co/88R9i7Dc4E

@barebonespr1 Jan 17, 19:50

Discover the work of author RAWSISTAZ on @aalbc https://t.co/8I6hC6C3gQ

@aalbc Jan 17, 19:39

Yeah, Rawsistaz made Black books exciting! https://t.co/wCKBHz6jTJ

@aalbc Jan 17, 19:35

@bernieyoung_ Are you aware bookstores any not on my list (*not all are Black owned): https://t.co/SktCu5h4ox

@aalbc Jan 17, 17:59

Do you now what "Astorperious," "Beluthahatchie," or "Conk buster" means? Check out the Glossary of #harlem Slang: https://t.co/oVw9XxzHnn

@aalbc Jan 17, 17:59

@bernieyoung_ One know of a couple of sources of research in this area, I'll look for it later and share it with you when I get a second...

@aalbc Jan 17, 17:57

@bernieyoung_ Are you talking about Black-owned indie bookstores in Harlem?

@CereceRMurphy Jan 17, 04:40

Incredibly honored to have crossed another milestone in my #author journey! #3 on the @aalbc National #Bestsellershttps://t.co/ZCVIlh974g

@aalbc Jan 17, 02:15

Ta-nehisi Comes Home to ASALH https://t.co/HxoYGlpIlR

@aalbc Jan 17, 02:06

@bernieyoung_ What is the theory you are putting forward?

@aalbc Jan 16, 19:02

@jstheater Quick Question: What matter more @realDonaldTrump tweets or his actions? @keithboykin

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