Jacqueline Woodson 2014 National Book Award Winner

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with Zadie Smith

Only 54 Black Owned Indie Bookstores Left in America

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@archbyccb Aug 24, 16:12

Facebook suspends Domain Insights, - Digiday https://t.co/CHD6c43apM @aalbc #socialmedia #facebook Facebook is a black hole.

@aalbc Aug 24, 15:45

@syoungnbf Thanks. If you are aware of any missing festivals please let me know.

@TinaMcElroyAnsa Aug 22, 19:31

Sweet congrats @Nnedi "Women and authors of color won big at this year's Hugo Awards" - The Verge https://t.co/mGy8yXBnbe

@aalbc Aug 22, 04:55

The Willie Lynch Letter is a Hoax! https://t.co/e9utvU60Bm

@aalbc Aug 21, 18:36

The Willie Lynch Letter is a Hoax! https://t.co/ZLAsIGyO5I

@aalbc Aug 21, 18:31

I hope you all know that the "Willie Lynch" letter was exposed as a hoax years ago: https://t.co/gwuqtUeXKY https://t.co/1zsDcmC067

@aalbc Aug 20, 18:31

"Wynn Thomas is the production designer for the new film HIDDEN FIGURES. Many feel this film…" — Troy Johnson https://t.co/aeVbzBVbeO

@aalbc Aug 18, 20:01

...to support a business whose model is to serve as a platform to regularly demean Black women... https://t.co/SiPvqtd5CE

@aalbc Aug 18, 19:25

Thanks for sharing -- I'm adding interesting new events all the time :-) https://t.co/Sfh4a3lA41

@tgfuwdm Aug 18, 19:24

Favorite 100 Titles of the 20th Century on @aalbc https://t.co/rKeYZ5vJR2 - Happy to have read lots! #books #authors #read #AfricanAmerican

@aalbc Aug 17, 00:17

We can both get $15 off on @GoogleExpress. Learn more at https://t.co/NWLTaqD1JS #ShopGoogleExpress

@aalbc Aug 16, 02:55

@READINGnCOLOR Let me know if you have any difficulty

@aalbc Aug 15, 15:12

Check out Virgo Girl's Interview with yours truly--Thanks @TheVirgoGirl_ ! https://t.co/TGlYOdVOa3

@aalbc Aug 15, 15:10

Thanks for helping to spread the word about the events! https://t.co/UFEajpmU3S

@aalbc Aug 15, 15:09

Thanks for sharing! https://t.co/IxiZymtmuV

@aalbc Aug 15, 15:08

@neosoulful You are very welcome

@JustUsBooks Aug 15, 15:07

Diversifying your #kidlit collection? @diversitymom_ch & @hudsonwade share tips for selecting quality #books https://t.co/O5glVE6O8n

@aalbc Aug 15, 14:45

I would like to have my perceptions about the America's black dilemma analyzed because as a senior citizen... https://t.co/5uDiGBSpfN

@aalbc Aug 15, 14:44

I would like to have my perceptions about the America's black dilemma analyzed because as a senior citizen... https://t.co/jxljFf7fpF

@aalbc Aug 13, 17:51

Thanks @dallasleebridge. Nothing I can really add. I have an Instagram account, to claim my name, but I don't actually use the service.

@aalbc Aug 13, 17:47

Share an automatically updated list of over 100 book festivals with our free widget: https://t.co/foXT4Ny6FJ https://t.co/uBeWISKRR7

@aalbc Aug 13, 14:24

Boonoonoonous Hair! https://t.co/s96IJaBgz7 https://t.co/DjpyyPm3A7

@aalbc Aug 13, 10:32

Cymande: https://t.co/MkYE2zGZbk via @YouTube

@aalbc Aug 12, 20:39

Are Book Festivals Becoming a Thing of the Past? Do you go to book estivals? Share your thoughts here: https://t.co/ahs8VmcggW #discussion

@aalbc Aug 12, 20:04

100+ Book Fairs and Festivals in North America: https://t.co/foXT4Ny6FJ https://t.co/JoZ25SkuGh

@aalbc Aug 12, 01:11

@WhatsNewBuffalo @bflosmallpress sorry to read the fair has been discontinued

@DonDaven Aug 11, 18:01

Discover the work of author Donald Davenport on @aalbc https://t.co/3GvTGjAjPC Davenport

@aalbc Aug 11, 18:01

@urbanreviews Do y'all have an event coming up this fall?

@aalbc Aug 10, 23:46

Misinformation Online: One of the Main Treats to Humanity #discuss https://t.co/DPpaA1FnTS

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