Jacqueline Woodson 2014 National Book Award Winner

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with Zadie Smith

Only 54 Black Owned Indie Bookstores Left in America

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2 for 1 Summer Book Promotion Special: https://t.co/h9xc8ehvpg https://t.co/iLEATBfG5w

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@sweeneytimm Facebook's performance is horrendous today. My fan page is essentially unusable, no support, no appar… https://t.co/lNi9LObJsz

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Subscribe to https://t.co/3YqjU5ERqM's Youtube Channel New Videos Featuring authors, events, bookstores, and more:… https://t.co/NeUljfjUA6

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Harlem World Talks: After The Conversation At Raw Space In Harlem https://t.co/C2Gm547MsM via @hwmag

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Webhost and Domain Name Setup in Under 4 Minutes: https://t.co/0YZSCaHYfH via @YouTube

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Webhost and Domain Name in Under 4 Minutes: https://t.co/WWVyuUK536 via @YouTube

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Troy Johnson: Literary Activist of the Year 2017 https://t.co/STYhH91KoP

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Michelle Gipson, Publisher Written Magazine: https://t.co/MIB2uS3KAS via @YouTube

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@MercyBCarruther on the double honor this weekend! Would you provide a bio for your https://t.co/3YqjU5ngze profile https://t.co/Dw4w1ie49g.

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@BossMzLadyP Congrats on your honor Sat! Would you mind sending me a bio for your https://t.co/3YqjU5ngze page: https://t.co/ThlITa1Rs0

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Can't Find a Loving Relationship with a Black Man: https://t.co/XguY39Bg1J via @YouTube

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Poet Warrior Nikki Giovanni Honored at the AAMBC Awards: https://t.co/XMKZxIE4op via @YouTube

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Nikki Giovanni: https://t.co/m7zjfzJuFV via @YouTube

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Thanks for the love! https://t.co/QzTZQsDvkb

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AAMBC Thank you for the honor and recognition. A luta continua. https://t.co/QzTZQsDvkb

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Thanks for sharing the love @kaylaperrin it was good to see you. https://t.co/uKgKDTTnDh

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Marcus Books (Oakland, CA) an Excellent Bookstore: https://t.co/lZQkDJw5g8 via @YouTube

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Ashay by the Bay Sacramento Black Book Festival: https://t.co/HwuweNdySi via @YouTube

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Frederick K. Foote, Jr. at the Sacramento Black Book Festival: https://t.co/fpWY9hdmgh via @YouTube

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Griots Republic's Book, #BlackTravel: The Anthology: https://t.co/CBNYt9YQoL via @YouTube

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May 2017 Newsletter: Bestselling Books, New Books, Author Info, and Much More https://t.co/GBqGPe7LKv

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https://t.co/3YqjU5ngze Partners with What’s The 411 TV https://t.co/nwz21nJnx6

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Documentary Film on History of Blacks in Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction Books https://t.co/1A0Ip0982n

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Black Pack Party 2017 - May 31st, 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. - RSVP: https://t.co/fv0rAwI0RY #bpp2017 https://t.co/2GSwgkwlzX

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The 2017 Black Pack Party @ Clyde Frazier’s May 31, 2017 https://t.co/H19oVKXyeR

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Amazon‘s Echo Look: Exploiting Our Inner Narcissist https://t.co/KT8Tkfg9hN

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April 18, 2017 Newsletter: New Books, Vote for Your Favorite Author, and More https://t.co/RMIMTmeGEd

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Video: https://t.co/3YqjU5ngze The Premier Website for Black Books https://t.co/m6aBVMIPoG

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Black Writers Dominate the 2017 Pulitzer Prizes https://t.co/jZsaxGV2aT

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24 Nov 2014
How to claim
Use this link http://aalbc.it/xmasprayer to get 30% off the list price!


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