Jacqueline Woodson 2014 National Book Award Winner

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with Zadie Smith

Only 54 Black Owned Indie Bookstores Left in America

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@aalbc Jul 27, 21:47

@jelani9 Can you send photo and description of "Antidote to Revolution," for AALBC: https://t.co/1GaMhYqtXH @ColumbiaUniver troy@aalbc.com

@aalbc Jul 27, 21:44

@PatriciaHPowell Patricia wuld you mind emailing me a bio to complete your author profile: https://t.co/gthJRp9bE9 Thanks!

@aalbc Jul 27, 21:43

Sure the award winning Josephine: The Dazzling Life Of Josephine Baker sold like hot cakes! https://t.co/CnNBtWH3FZhttps://t.co/oyFhqpOzSe

@aalbc Jul 27, 21:40

Thanks for sharing. Even through the database contains over 700 book clubs it is far from exhaustive :-) https://t.co/codm0Vegcy

@aalbc Jul 26, 16:49

:-) @kelstarly is great! BTW @TraceyBaptiste, do I have all of your books: https://t.co/6uMmnLiaqt it looks like I'… https://t.co/S3gl6iAchl

@aalbc Jul 26, 16:46

Yes I see it: https://t.co/otQWIk3CPL Thanks. The graphics looks great! https://t.co/DQgrJEb7yv

@aalbc Jul 26, 03:52

That is good to hear: The publisher at @CassavaRepublic introduced me to her work earlier this year… https://t.co/dv13RlGiXo

@aalbc Jul 26, 03:46

The @bocaslitfest books short and long list books look great! Some familiar names others are brand new Thank you so… https://t.co/ywFH5f9eAm

@aalbc Jul 26, 03:42

I'm on it! Here are the awards I track now: https://t.co/9husGTMeEO I'll start researching the others--thanks agai… https://t.co/N69qesyu45

@aalbc Jul 26, 03:01

Yes! I would like to capture authors from Africa and the entire African Diaspora--not just Americans https://t.co/hFD71TsLmN

@aalbc Jul 26, 00:04

Where is E. LYNN HARRIS? He outsold just about every black author in america. You seem to never give him any props. https://t.co/mI7TzxC5Oo

@aalbc Jul 25, 23:11

@garveygirl It was sort of like a stock ticker, it used paper. My old man had one back in the day

@aalbc Jul 25, 22:59

@garveygirl @ndennis_benn Please visit this page to learn how I compiled the list: https://t.co/mI7TzxC5Oo I'll loo… https://t.co/tqjhZ4brAn

@aalbc Jul 25, 20:35

Thanks for helping to spread the Word! https://t.co/UObckt9UaW

@BrownGirlsBooks Jul 25, 20:33

A HUGE congratulations goes to Teffanie White, author of 'Dirt' for making this list! #BrownGirlsProud https://t.co/Lw6ENmQWXv

@aalbc Jul 25, 17:11

#MyWrongOpinion Listening at 1.5 speed is perfectly fine. It is not like we're listening great music it's speech #dontgooffthedeepend

@aalbc Jul 25, 16:03

@556BookChicks Have you all set the date for 2018? https://t.co/8OGXZ6Lg6f

@aalbc Jul 24, 20:26

You know I'll all over this one: https://t.co/RWC0ohqhjS thanks for the heads up! @junotdiaz https://t.co/Vk3maLFEMq

@aalbc Jul 24, 19:27

Here's a list of more than 3,000 Black authors: https://t.co/mC3MHGMFDi to help you students learn that writing boo… https://t.co/BmIfpma0l7

@aalbc Jul 24, 02:18

How is African American Literature Doing? https://t.co/E6bWs7g4WM

@aalbc Jul 23, 20:07

What is the State of African American Literature? https://t.co/VxpdOT1rAh #Literature #books @bigthink

@aalbc Jul 23, 14:22

Explores the idea that African Americans were being culturally indoctrinated, rather than taught, in school.… https://t.co/kwyDhK2VEe

@aalbc Jul 22, 22:37

Preliminary Results: Favorite Black Authors of the 21st Century Cast Your Vote Now https://t.co/U7FLjLOfiG https://t.co/dt66ReWsmr

@aalbc Jul 22, 17:53

@ncte Thanks for spreading these wonderful stories! https://t.co/sAeS7RqmpX

@Ben_Burgess_Jr Jul 21, 04:09

Wounded, reviewed by Carol Taylor on @aalbc https://t.co/gWcnmCbd4H

@aalbc Jul 21, 04:09

No. Across my website and all of social media only 1 person knew the store. 3 years from now, I suspect, the answer… https://t.co/hyClOttGGJ

@aalbc Jul 21, 04:06

Thanks for letting me know @airby9 I appreciate that. :-) https://t.co/Yze8IOCfXw

@aalbc Jul 20, 16:06

Frank Yerby was a brilliant storyteller. It's estimated he sold more books than all other Black writers combioned… https://t.co/klwplknIn6

@grifbeck Jul 20, 16:04

FYI... Book Fairs, Book Festivals, and Conferences Coming in 2017 and 2018 on @aalbc https://t.co/5Q9qgzQcfl

@aalbc Jul 19, 19:24

Also, @BNBuzz does not display all of their books face out and annotate each one individually.… https://t.co/6xxJiv5r5b

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